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Event Design

Join Speakers:
Renée Safrata, Founder & CEO of Vivo Team and Cheng Ye, Founder & CEO of GaiaDigits Inc.

at the joint webinar:
It's a Hybrid World!

Thursday, August 11 at 10am-11am PST / 1pm-2pm EST

Flexible working environments, balance, and workplace well-being are essential for organizational productivity and profitability.

57% of Canadian employees expect flexible working arrangements, with 54% of Canadian employers adopting hybrid working models (Mercer Canada).

Are you ready to explore and embrace this new hybrid norm?

In this session you will learn and discuss the best practices of how to plan for, implement, and facilitate a safe, productive, and transparent hybrid working model.

  • Explore the driving forces behind hybrid 
  • Discuss how to best implement a hybrid working model 
  • Share how to manage a hybrid team
  • Learn how leaders can build connections with their dispersed teams
  • Consider behavior patterns of work-from-home and hybrid employees
  • Understand what people want most in their office going forward

This event has passed. 

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